Value in Technology

Thanks to advancements in technology Select Sires has the tools to help track your return on investment so you can see progress through:

Program for Fertility Advancement (PFA)
The PFA is the research and development arm for Select Sires' constant improvement. Large cooperator herds accross the country test the latest in fertility and semen processing advancements to determine positive results.
Sexed semen was developed through this program and recently much investment was made in developing extenders that boost fertility. The latest data shows that Select Sires is building a considerable lead when it comes to fertility and conception rates.
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gender SELECTed
Money invested by Select Sires has made it possible for you to meet your herd goals for adding elite heifers into your program.
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Semen Quality
Your success is not only our passion but it is constantly on our minds. We adhere to a vigorous quality control process to ensure the product that arrives on your farm is optimal for creating that pregnancy.
Select Sires continues to invest in research and the latest equipment to ensure each straw has the high quality semen you expect from the industry leader. Read our seven reasons why you can trust code 7 for high fertility.
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