Programs bring more Value

At Select Sires we know you have a million things to worry about on your operation.

We understand the value of your time, that’s why we offer these programs to make it easier for you to focus on the day-to-day operations of your business. Let our Select Sires team help with these programs:

Select Mating Service® (SMS®)
Professional SMS genetic consultants use research, computerized analysis and cow knowledge to help save you time, protect your investment and assist you in reaching genetic goals for your herd.
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A unique sequential breeding system, simplifies breeding by using distinct lines of sires. This offers optimal use of genomic insights to achieve individual herd breeding goals, while also minimizing inbreeding.
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Select Reproductive Solutions® (SRS®)
Select Sires offers a portfolio of reproductive services, products, programs and consultation that can be used to help you troubleshoot reproductive issues in your herd.
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Increase the value of your herd from top to bottom. Once the genetic merit of each animal has been determined, a genetic development plan established from your goals may include gender SELECTed™ semen use on the top heifers, use of superior genetic sires on the top females for faster genetic gain and use of beef semen on lower-merit cows and heifers to produce a more valuable calf for the beef market.
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Program for Genetic Advancement (PGA)
The genetic offering in our current lineup of dairy sires includes leading genetics in a variety of areas including durable and trouble-free cattle for commercial environments, high production, high final scores and show winners.
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