The Value of our Passion

Select Sires offers the best genetics, fertility, sexed semen and support staff in the industry. The secret behind our success is our people! When you choose to purchase Select Sires product you get more than just straws of semen. The men and women behind our brand will be with you through programs and services to add value to your bottom line.

We are your neighbors and friends and believe that working with your cattle is truly a privilege.

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"We don't have the time to figure out what our consultants are able to figure out," said Lori Van Haitsma, manager at Autumn Vista Dairy. "We rely on their expertise and trust their judgement, which saves us time and money."

Click here to read how a partnership with Select Sires has helped to improve genetics and reproduction on the Autumn Vista Dairy, McBain, Mich.

We are dedicated to service and our people focus on the value of staying up-to-date with the latest technology, new techniques and data to better serve you our customers. Every year, hundreds of Select Sires representatives attend training to ensure they are better equiped to help you meet your goals through expert advice.

Pictured here are individuals who attended the Select Mating Service® (SMS®) and Select Reproductive Solutions® (SRS®) training events.

You can rest assured when you work with a member at Select Sires, you are working with a true professional who has training in their area of expertise and also has a passion for adding value to your operation.

"Results can be defined in many ways," said Kevin Ziemba, genetic and reproductive advisor, Select Sire Power, "from increased sales, getting that new account, seeing a technician or sales manager succeed, but I truly associate results first at the farm."

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The common thread that ties our employees together is clear to our member-owner-customers; we have a desire to help your operation improve and thrive. No matter how many of the Select Sires services or programs you take advantage of, our people will be there to answer questions along the way.

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