Sire Recommendations

Three-Breed Rotation

Based on years of experience and research, we recommend that dairy operations planning a crossbreeding program, focus on a structured three-breed rotation with elite genetics from major breeds to maximize heterosis.

Holstein, Jersey and Montbeliarde are three of the largest breeds in the world for genetic development. SelectCROSS uses elite sires from breeds with pure descent of each parent breed for more predictable outcomes and consistency.

Your Select Sires team is working to identify the best sires available to help you develop a successful crossbreeding program.


Our sire analysts recommend crossbreeding programs that use only herd-registered bulls to obtain the full hybrid vigor and incorporate Jersey sires with extreme Jersey Udder Index (JUI). When working with proven Jersey sires our experts encourage you to select customer-satisfaction sires. We also have in-house data that suggests there is an above average conception rate when using gender SELECTed semen in this process.


Select Sires' exclusive partner, Jura-Bétail, is the leading provider of Montbeliarde genetics. Click here to see details on these crossbreeding sires.

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