The Montbeliarde Breed

Crossbreeding is increasing worldwide and the Montbeliarde breed is leading in this trend.

Native of Jura plateau from the eastern part of France, the Montbeliarde breed belongs to the European branch of Pie Rouge breeds. Subjected to an adverse and changing climate, the Montbeliarde breed has become hardy and strong so these cattle can adapt well to any environment.

Montbeliarde cows offer the perfect balance between function and health with longevity.

Crossing with the Montbeliarde will bring higher protein levels, fertility and shorter calving intervals, udder quality, longevity and hardiness (with high feed efficiency).

According to research done in Calif., using Montbeliarde sires on Holstein cows created extra body condition, which may explain the outstanding performance for fertility compared with pure Holstein cows.

For more information on recommended sires, download this Montbeliarde sire brochure.

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