Getting Started

Based on years of experience, the SelectCROSS approach focuses on a structured three-breed rotation with elite genetics from major breeds to maximize heterosis. Holstein, Jersey and Montbeliarde are three of the largest breeds in the world for genetic development.

  • Use elite sires with pure descent from each parent breed for more predictable outcomes and consistency. This is currently a challenge for some active Jerseys and many Viking Red sires.
  • Protect for the weaknesses and build on the strengths of each breed in the rotation.
  • Start the rotation with purebred (no generation count) Jersey sires with greater than +20 Jersey Udder Index (JUI) to build the proper udder for a high-producing Holstein x Jersey cross cow.
  • Breed this cross to Montbeliarde sires with a Calving Ease score greater than 89 and an udder score greater than +110.

Your Select Sires representative is available to help you develop a crossbreeding program that meets the goals as outlined above. Greater profits through crossbreeding are just a phone call away.

®SelectCROSS is a registered trademark of Select Sires Inc. TMJersey Udder Index and JUI are trademarks of the American Jersey Cattle Association.