SelectCROSS® Genetic Partner

Jura-Bétail - Our Montbeliarde Partner

Select Sires is proud to partner exclusively with Jura-Bétail to bring you quality genetics to make the most of your crossbreeding program. This partnership strongly aligns with sources that are dedicated, sustaining and continuously progressing.

Established in 1948, the Jura-Bétail cooperative is led by a management board of 21 breeders. A pioneer since 1952 in the progeny test selection within the Montbeliarde breed, Jura-Bétail runs a genetic improvement program which has highly influenced the evolution of this breed.

Jura-Bétail is committed to providing:

  • Diversity - Among 45 new bulls created each year by Jura-Bétail, you have a choice between different profiles, adjusted to any of your selection goals, and between genomic or progeny-tested bulls.
  • Genetic Variability - In the heart of your needs, Jura-Bétail works to create new pedigrees of a high quality that are easy to use.
  • Fertility - Jura-Bétail guarantees 8 million live sperm count per straw after thawing: a true security for your herd’s fertility.
  • Reliability - Jura-Bétail chose to continue sampling to spread and index bulls accountability and to maintain our quality level.

Learn more about Jura-Bétail here.

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