French Evaluations

How to Read Montbeliarde Evaluations

Montbeliarde genetic evaluations are published in June 2017, processed by INRA (French Agronomic Research Institute). All type trait information is from an in-country basis because the reference population of this breed is located primarily in France so no other countries can get numbers necessary for evaluations, with summarization equal to their production dates.

Daughter Fertility

Fertility data on sires’ daughters is expressed around a mean of 0 with a +/- 1 standard deviation. Higher values are favorable.

Calving Ease (Index)

The Calving Index is based on the percentage of easy calvings on first parity cows. Higher values are most favorable. Sires greater than 89 percent are easy calving, less than 86 percent is not recommended for use on heifers.

Udder and Feet and Leg Indexes, Linear Type Traits

Linear type traits are expressed around a mean of 100 and a +/- 12 standard deviation.

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