Commitment Behind the Program

Select Sires provides numerous strategies for breeding profitable cows, including crossbreeding. Brent Czech, New Heights Dairy near Rice, Minn., is one of several Select Sires customer-owners who has noticed lower stillbirths, higher reproductive efficiency and other benefits with his crossbred cows.

Rotation Success

The goal is to have moderate size cows, breeding the Holstein to Jersey produces a moderate size cow immediately. The Holstein x Jersey cross can have a Montbeliarde calf easier than a pure Holstein. Getting the Jersey before the Montbeliarde keeps the size of the three-way cross down.

New Heights Dairy

"A good Holstein base, made by selecting high-quality Holstein genetics, is critical for crossbreeding to be a success. When choosing Holstein sires I choose the very best... You also have to use the best genetics available from each breed in the crossbreeding rotation after that."

-New Heights Dairy, Rice, Minn., 1,400 cows


The key to crossbreeding success is to find a good balance in a:

  • system that is simple enough to properly manage
  • system that maintains reasonable heterosis

SelectCROSS helps guide you to this balance. Crossbreeding can be a competitive breeding strategy if you use the right breeds in a planned, systematic way. Contact your Select Sires representative to get specific details to meet your breeding goals today.