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While heat detection and artificial insemination may be one of the most important factors in your A.I. program, training your employees about the A.I. programs you use is an important step to ensuring that you have an effective heat detection protocol.

With reproductive training resources available in English and Spanish, Select Sires is able to help train all of your employees about the importance of heat detection and timely insemination. You can purchase an A.I. manual, the training and reference resources we use for our technicians, by contacting your local Select Sires cooperative. Your technicians can also receive our technician newsletter if you ask any Select Sires representative.

For more advanced, one-on-one training, our cooperatives offer on-farm and classroom A.I. training schools and refresher courses across the country. Plus they provide assistance to source and train on-farm reproductive specialists. For more information on all of these resources, contact your local Select Sires cooperative.

Below are educational brochures that you can download about various A.I. and reproductive issues.

Fresh Cow Management
Also available in Spanish

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