Select Reproductive Solutions (SRS)

Professional Technician Service

Select Sires has a professionally-trained technician force ready to help you with your daily herd reproductive needs. Our technicians are ready to work with your team and your SRS™ specialist to ensure maximum efficiency within your reproductive program.

We have more than 400 technicians nationwide and each one has a supervisor that monitors their performance, ensuring high standards are always met. Our technicians make a living breeding cows and spend countless hours honing their skills. The massive amount of cows and heifers they breed give them an advantage, especially when something is abnormal. Select Sires' technicians have the knowledge and tenure to fully understand synchronization programs, the estrus cycle, follicular waves and many other small details that can make a difference in conception. Our technicians bring outside knowledge and experience to your farm, while taking the time to do the breeding every day in a systematic way.

Besides the improved results you will achieve with our technicians, there are some additional benefits of using a professional technician. Your operation will not have to keep an expensive semen inventory or do your own heat detection. Many technicians can also assist with record keeping. Since our technicians are employed with our member cooperatives, there are no benefits that you have to provide.

"The number one reason we work with Select Sires is Ron's (A.I. technician, Select Sire Power Inc.) service. His expertise in breeding as well as mating and knowing the cows is exceptional."

-Steve Morrill, Gebarten Acres, Dekalb Junction, N.Y.

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