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Heat Detection and Artificial Insemination

Heat detection is often cited as the most costly component and undoubtedly, the major limiting factor to the success of A.I. programs on many dairy farms. Incorrect detection of estrus is related to loss of income due to extended calving intervals, milk loss, more veterinary and heifer rearing costs and slowed genetic progress. While heat detection can be a major problem for some operations, getting a female pregnant after a detected heat is just as important.

Proper knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of a dairy cow is the first step in correct heat detection and artificial insemination. Next, a technician must have experience with the techniques necessary for accurate heat detection and artificial insemination.

"After being in a new barn for a year or so we were having trouble keeping our pregnancy rate up with tail-chalking and reverted back to some of our previous techniques of heat detection. One of my old herdsmen sent Brett Mackay from Select Sires to us to talk about Reproductive Solutions. Brett went through our breeding program and helped my current herdsman with the tail-chalking techniques and our breeding program. We are very happy with the results that we are getting since Brett has helped us!"

-Don Feitsma, Feitsma Dairies Ltd, Hague, Saskatchewan

Select Sires is well-equipped to help you master any heat detection and artificial insemination program on your farm, including helping you find problems with your current programs and troubleshoot those problems to improve conception rates in your herd with these four methods:

Visual: For operations that are able to use visual cues to detect heat in their herd, SRS specialists are ready to train your staff to confidently spot the signs.

Estrus synchronization: We are prepared to review current synchronization protocols for you to help select the one that is practical and that best fits your goals.

Tail chalk: One of the more economical, yet effective, options for larger herds is tail chalking. SRS specialists are trained to help you use this process effectively to detect heats in your herd.

Activity and health monitoring: Select Sires is ready to meet your every need when it comes to electronic heat detection with one of the most advanced heat detection, health, rumination and eating systems on the market, CowManager®.

For more information on heat detection and artificial insemination, download the informational brochures below.

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