Select Reproductive Solutions (SRS)

Getting Started

A SRS™ specialist will help you through the entire process of the SRS program.

The first step to implementing the SRS program is to provide a backup of your dairy management software files. Your SRS specialist will enter this information into Select RePRO Analysis™ to be analyzed. If you are in need of a technician, one of our member cooperatives may be able to provide a professionally-trained technician.

From here, your SRS specialist will sit down with you and discuss the reproductive goals for your herd and how that compares to the actual values from your farm information. They will identify the strengths and opportunities for your herd and troubleshoot any issues and explain why you may be experiencing them. They will work with a team of Select Sires professionals to ensure your reproductive program is working at peak performance.

While there are several on-farm procedures that can affect your fertility, Select Sires is dedicated to making sure our semen is the most fertile semen you will find while still providing you with breed-leading genetics.

Even with the most fertile semen, our SRS™ specialists are trained to help you through times of reduced fertility, whether the problem is from a known source (such as heat stress or overcrowding) or an unknown source.

For more information, download this informational brochure.

Fertility Potential
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