Select Reproductive Solutions (SRS)

Commitment Behind the Program

One of the most critical aspects of our SRS™ program is our highly trained, professional SRS specialists and technicians. Our SRS specialists and technicians partake in comprehensive, on-farm training backed by years of reproductive experience in the A.I. industry.


All of our technicians have undergone extensive training at the SelectCheck™ training school in Fair Oaks, Ind. At this school, our SRS specialists see more than 10,000 cows and determine if they should be bred. Our professional technicians receive at least 25 hours of advanced training a year to back their many years of experience.

At the annual SRS conference, SRS specialists receive extensive training and testing on reproduction, ensuring they are knowledgeable specialists when they arrive on your farm. At the conference, the SRS specialists will visit dairy operations and execute a Select RePRO Analysis™ of the operation and present them to the entire group, providing peer review and knowledge-sharing.

Our Experts:

Ray Nebel, PhD: As the vice president of technical service programs, Nebel helped create our SRS program in 2005. Working previously as a professor and researcher in the department of dairy science at Virginia Tech, Nebel is an expert in the field of reproduction and artificial insemination. With more than 35 years of experience in bovine reproduction, Nebel not only sets the high standards for our technicians and SRS specialists, but also is the primary expert for our SRS specialists and is sometimes called upon to tackle challenging reproductive issues on the farm.

King Smith: With more than 25 years of experience in the A.I. industry, Smith is the primary resource for SRS specialists from Texas to California. He has helped create value-added training programs for our members and SRS specialists, helping make our entire SRS team the best in the industry. He continues to enhance the skills and abilities of our employees by training them on the latest reproductive and herd management practices, ensuring that your reproductive success is met.

Earl Ingram: Ingram is responsible for providing reproductive dairy management training and education in English and Spanish. He has many years of experience in A.I. training and teaching dairy management skills to Latin American workers. He continues to help producers better understand Latin American culture and bridge the communications gap that is often a problem in large herd settings.

Our SRS Specialists and Technicians:

  • Attend regular training sessions and assess operations from across the country to help guide your reproductive programs
  • Are people you can trust because they genuinely care about your future. Most all have devoted their professional lives to dairy reproduction
  • Work hard to establish a reproduction program that will help you achieve your reproduction goals
  • Have the experience necessary to suggest and implement important protocols to enhance your herd's reproductive success
  • Are efficient in all herd sizes and have the tools available to pull information from your dairy management program, thus speeding up the process

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