CowManager and Select Sires Inc. celebrate five-year partnership to provide greater success for farmers

CowManager, a leading cow monitoring company, and Select Sires Inc., North America’s largest A.I. organization, celebrate a successful five-year partnership.

CowManager has been on the market since 2012 in the United States and has been at the forefront of cutting-edge cow-monitoring technology with their ear sensor. In 2014, Select Sires Inc. became CowManager’s dealer in the United States and Canada. The partnership represents a strong cooperation with the drive to improve every day. Striving for the same mission, “Improving productivity and profitability of dairy farms worldwide,” brought both companies together to make dairy farming easier and more profitable.

Guus Oostveen, CEO of CowManager says: “Select Sires Inc. has such a large footprint in the dairy industry in the United States and Canada; local presence, reliable personnel, dairy expertise, which has brought many successes in the past five years. Together we will bring CowManager to an even higher level in the future, by working closely to develop our system. We look forward to more successful years together.”

This strong, long-term partnership contributes to the growth of both CowManager and Select Sires. It gives confidence in the market and adds value to all operations. Together, they monitor the needs of dairy farmers and CowManager responds to these needs through continuous ‘over the air’ updates to the system. It is this dedication to customer success that ensures CowManager customers are always equipped with the latest developments.

Dr. Ray Nebel, vice president of technical services at Select Sires Inc. says: “CowManager has been an outstanding partner in Select Sires’ journey with cow monitoring solutions. As a true partner, they have listened to our requests for enhancements and they have developed a system that many others have tried to copy. In today’s world of cow comfort and dairy wellness the CowManager system has been a great answer to insights into maintaining a productive and more profitable operation.”

Success needs to be celebrated!

Take advantage of our successful partnership and win a CowManager system, which includes 50 sensors. If you have a minimum of 500 cows and have an interest in learning more about how CowManager may fit in your herd fill out our webform at

Caption: From left to right: Ted Patterson (Select Sires), Hans Langereis (CowManager), Lyle Kruse (Select Sires), Gerard Griffioen & Iris Griffioen (CowManager) & Dr. Ray Nebel (Select Sires) at the World Dairy Expo 2019.

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