MODESTY Leads the Select Sires Young Sire Lineup

PLAIN CITY, Ohio, December 11, 2015-Select Sires' Super Sampler™ lineup is home to unique, breed-leading young sires with 21 of the top 100 on Holstein Association USA's Top Genomic Young Bulls list. Two GenerVations sires also rank on the list. 507HO12600 Bacon-Hill Pety MODESTY-ET is the new No. 1 sire on the list at +2854 GTPI® and is joined by 507HO13250 S-S-I Montross JEDI-ET (+2787), 507HO13264 S-S-I Headway ALLTIME-ET (+2731), 7HO12721 Holyland Elite EXACTLY-ET (+2726), 507HO12601 OCD Rodgers FRANCHISE-ET (+2715), 550HO13267 S-S-I Montross DUKE-ET (+2698) and 7HO12571 De-Su HEINZ*BY 12342-ET (+2681) in the top 25. MODESTY is the leading NM$ young sire at +991 and 7HO12436 Coyne-Farms Sypati PAT-RED is the top NM$ Red and White young sire +640.

There are 19 Super Samplers and GenerVations young sires that transmit more than 100 pounds of CFP including 7HO12255 Welcome SS PETERPAN-ET (+169 CFP), 250HO12413 Stantons SS EZIO 9142-ET (+165), JEDI (+159), 7HO12518 Gold-N-Oaks SS SNOWBOY 521 (+159), 7HO12449 Pen-Col MARTY-ET (+157), 7HO12256 Bacon-Hill MAGUIRE-ET (+157) and MODESTY (+156).

250HO12589 Cycle Doorman JACOBY-ET is the No. 2 Type sire at +3.85, 7HO12353 Pol Butte Mc BEEMER-ET (+3.67) is No. 5 and 7HO12593 Our-Favorite UNION 142-ET ranks ninth (+3.54). 7HO12464 Webb-Vue Mccutchn CHROME-ET (+3.08 FLC), BEEMER (+2.88), 7HO12723 Jenny-Lou Montross GAMMA-ET (+2.87) and 7HO11926 S-S-I Mogul DEFENDER-ET (+2.77) are leading FLC sires.

Polled standouts

7HO12670 Penn-England HISTORY-PP-ET emerged as the leading homozygous polled sire for GTPI (+2371), NM$ (+541), CFP (+75), PL (+5.8) and DPR (+3.8). 7HO12708 Zimmerview Wonka LOYOLA-P is the leading polled Type (+2.92) sire while 7HO13214 S-S-I Ohare LINCOLN-PP-ET is the No. 1 homozygous polled sire for Type at +1.75.

Fertility frontrunners

Select's Super Sampler lineup contains 56 sires that exceed +2.0 for Sire Conception Rate (SCR) including exceptional SCR sires 7HO12111 Mr OCD Epic DRAGONHEART-ET (+4.7 SCR), 7HO12248 Furnace-Hill M SUPERIOR-ET (+4.6), 7HO12233 Farnear SS ADMIRAL-ET (+4.5), 7HO12266 Woodcrest Mogul YODER-ET (+4.2), 7HO12095 De-Su MALLINGER 11384-ET (+3.9) and 7HO12115 OCD Mayfield DECEIVER-ET (VG-87) (+3.9).

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Source: 12/15 USDA-CDCB Genomic Evaluation, USDA/HA Genomic Evaluation. Active Genomic Holstein Young Sire List. 12/15 % Rel: MODESTY NM$ 72, Yield 75; PAT-RED NM$ 75; PETERPAN Yield 78; EZIO Yield 78; JEDI Yield 75; SNOWBOY Yield 78; MARTY Yield 78; MAGUIRE Yield; JACOBY Type 77; BEEMER Type 77; UNION Type 77; CHROME Type 78; GAMMA Type 75; DEFENDER Type 78; HISTORY-PP NM$ 71, Yield 74, PL 69, DPR 66; LOYOLA-P Type 74; LINCOLN-PP Type 74; DRAGONHEART SCR 94; SUPERIOR SCR 95; ADMIRAL SCR 86; YODER SCR 98; MALLINGER SCR 96; DECEIVER SCR 98. ®Total Performance Index and TPI are registered trademarks of Holstein Association USA. ™Super Sampler is a trademark of Select Sires Inc.

Caption: 507HO12600 MODESTY is the new leader among active genomic young sires for GTPI and Net Merit.