Select Sires' High-Components Lineup Includes Breed Leaders and Diverse Genetics

PLAIN CITY, Ohio, December 9, 2015-Select Sires continues to offer the widest assortment of top Jersey, Brown Swiss, Ayrshire, Guernsey and Milking Shorthorn proven and genomic young sires.

7JE1149 Sunset Canyon DIMENSION-ET is the No. 3 GJPI sire at +201 and is joined in the top-six by 7JE1184 Glynn Headline NEWS-ET (+189) while DIMENSION (+513) and NEWS (+470) are top-10 Net Merit (NM$) sires. DIMENSION leads all active A.I. sires for Cheese Merit (CM$) at (+582).

Select Sires is well represented with top production sires including NEWS leading the lineup for Milk (+1,494). 7JE1067 GR Oomsdale Tbone GOLDA{3}-ET (+1,480M) and 7JE1173 Dutch Hollow PRESCOTT-ET (+1,171M) rank among the breed's top-10 while GOLDA (+101) and DIMENSION (+97) are top-five Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) sires.

7JE1038 All Lynns Louie VALENTINO-ET (+2.1), 7JE1169 Heartland Merchant TOPEKA-ET (+2.0) and 7JE1163 All Lynns Valentino IRWIN-ET (+1.9) are the No. 1, 2 and 4 active A.I. sires for Type, respectively. IRWIN (+25.7) and Showcase Selections™ sire 7JE1088 Chilli Action COLTON-ET (+23.6) are top-10 Jersey Udder Index™ (JUI™) sires.

7JE1194 Sunset Canyon MAHARI-ET ranks second for Productive Life (PL) at +6.6 and NEWS is tied for fourth at +6.4. DIMENSION and NEWS are tied for eighth among active A.I. sires for Somatic Cell Score (SCS) at 2.81.

"7JE" sires maintain their position as fertility frontrunners with PRESCOTT (+4.4 Sire Conception Rate), 7JE1150 Sunset Canyon DIGNITARY-ET (+3.6), COLTON (+3.3), 7JE962 Buttercrest SUCCESS-ET (+3.3) and TOPEKA (+3.1) in the breed's top-10. Select's Super Sampler™ lineup also offers outstanding SCR sires including 7JE1405 Multi-Rose Megatron RANDI (+4.2), 7JE5015 River Valley Spice SHOWDOWN (+3.5), 7JE1354 Heartland Irwin TEXAS-ET (+3.2), 7JE1336 DP BALLISTIC (+3.2) and 7JE1332 Orthridge RENO (+3.1).

In Canada, 7JE1150 Sunset Canyon DIGNITARY-ET maintains his position as the No. 1 LPI (+1904) and Pro$ (+1577) sire. TOPEKA ranks No. 6 for LPI at +1683 while VALENTINO is the No. 5 sire for Pro$ (+1174).

Among young sires, Super Samplers 7JE1476 Kash-In SMACK-P-ET and 7JE1445 Kash-In-SAXON-P-ET are leading polled sires. SMACK-P is the top polled JPI (+182) sire while SAXON-P is No. 1 for Milk (+975) among polled sires. Select Sires is home to outstanding udder improvers with 7JE5032 River Valley VICTORIOUS-ET (+31.8), 7JE5034 River Valley Ric RINGMAN-ET (+31.7), 7JE5004 River Valley Cece CHROME-ET (+28.6), TEXAS (+25.7), 7JE1426 Mortimers Golda COWBOY{4}-ET (+24.9) and 7JE5023 River Valley Spice SHUT OUT-ET (+24.5) in the top-25 for JUI.

PHAROAH joins proven lineup

7JE1221 Ahlem Headline PHAROAH 21795 joins the Select Sires lineup as a total performance sire. He is the No. 11 active A.I. sire for JPI (+175) and ranks well for NM$ (+439) and CM$ (+443). A HealthMark™ and FeedPRO® sire, he leads the Select Sires lineup for Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) (+1.9) and transmits longevity (+5.2 PL) and low SCS (2.89). PHAROAH is extremely balanced, offering excellent Type (+1.6) and JUI (+21.0) with outstanding Milk (+1,035).

BURDETTE maintains his lead

7AY84 Palmyra Tri-Star BURDETTE-ET remains the No. 1 Type sire at +1.8 while his son, 7AY90 Libby's LOCHINVAR holds the No. 2 spot at +1.7. BURDETTE is the No. 2 Conformation sire north of the border. LOCHINVAR (+2.1), BURDETTE (+1.4) and 7AY93 Palmyra Bendig BERKELY-ET (+0.5) are the top three active A.I. sires for SCR. BURDETTE ranks fifth for GPTI (+484), LOCHINVAR is No. 3 for Milk (+865) and BERKELY is the leading HCR sire at +3.7.

Super Sampler and Showcase Selections sire, 7AY109 Maple-Dell O DIXON-ET, is a top-five genomic young sire for Type (+1.1), PL (+2.7) and components (+.18%F, +.08%P) while newcomer 7AY111 Palmyra Berkely REAGAN-ET ranks third for Type (+1.3) and PL (+3.0).

BOSEPHUS joins balanced Brown Swiss lineup

Popular former Super Sampler 7BS852 JoBo Wonder BOSEPHUS ET*TM graduates as the No. 2 GPPR active A.I. sire at +148. His daughters produce high volumes of components (+74 CFP) and Milk (+684) with low SCS (2.77). A Superior Settler™, he ranks third in the breed for SCR (+3.3). BOSEHPUS transmits outstanding Type (+1.0), Udder Composite (UDC) (+1.08) and Mobility (+1.0). He is a Calving Ease sire (5.4% DBH) available in gender SELECTed™ semen.

7BS826 Oak View Zeus AUGUST*TM continues to be a leading sire for SCS (2.67), Mobility (+1.0), SCR (+2.5), CFP (+56), Milk (+615) and NM$ (+330) while August graduate and maternal brother to BOSEPHUS, 7BS854 Jobo Vigor BUSH ET*TM is a top-five sire for NM$ (+376), PL (+6.0), UDC (+1.34) and SCS (2.72).

Super Sampler 7BS871 Blessing Brookings ADVISOR is the breed's top NM$ (+525), CM$ (+561) and PL (+6.8) genomic young sire. 7BS863 Cutting Edge SEAMAN*TM ranks second for Type at +1.1 while 7BS872 Cozy Nook Carter TEQUILA ET*TM (+1.0) leads young sires for Mobility and SEAMAN, 7BS884 Twinkle-Hill Cadnc ALLSTAR*TM and 7BS880 Jo-Lane Cadence LEVI are tied for third at +0.8.

NOVAK is new No. 1

7GU446 Lang Haven Grumpy NOVAK is the new breed leader for PTI (+124). 7GU447 Dairyman Mint PHONZE ranks No. 3 (+110), 7GU398 Sniders Ronalds ALSTAR is tied for sixth (+95), 7GU438 Marodore Aarons LEVI-ET is No. 8 (+82) and 7GU440 Ripley Farms Aaron CORDELL ranks tenth (+72). ALSTAR (+315), PHONZE (+280) and NOVAK (+251) rank in the top five active A.I. sires for NM$.

NOVAK also moved into the top spot for Milk (+1,113) while ALSTAR ranks second (+977). PHONZE (+73), NOVAK (+67) and CORDELL (+53) are all top-five sires for CFP. ALSTAR (+1.7 DPR, +3.6 PL) and LEVI (+1.5 DPR, +3.2 PL) are leading sires for DPR and PL. LEVI ranks third for Type (+1.3) and CORDELL is No. 4 for SCR at +1.2.

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Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc., is North America's largest A.I. organization and is comprised of nine farmer−owned and −controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North America's best genetics at a reasonable price.

Source: 12/15 USDA-CDCB Genomic Evaluation, USDA-CDCB/AJCA Genomic Type Evaluation, Active A.I. lists. 12/15 %Rel.:.DIMENSION NM$ 95, Yield 99, SCS 97; NEWS NM$ 86, PL 78, SCS 84, Yield 92; GOLDA Yield 99; PRESCOTT Yield 97, SCR 96; VALENTINO Type 99, Pro$ 92; TOPEKA Type 98, SCR 98, LPI 83; IRWIN Type 95; COLTON Type 87, SCR 76; MAHARI PL 74; DIGNITARY SCR 95, LPI 81; SUCCESS SCR 97; RANDI SCR 55; SHOWDOWN SCR 44; TEXAS SCR 3.2, Type 75; BASSISTIC SCR 91; RENO SCR 86; SAXON-P Yield 70; VICTORIOUS Type 70; RINGMAN Type 72; CHROME Type 75; COWBOY Type 72; SHUT OUT Type 71; PHAROAH NM$ 81, DPR 60, PL 72, SCS 76, Type 82, Yield 86; BURDETTE Type 98, Conformation 94, SCR 88; LOCHINVAR Type 83, SCR 60, Yield 91; BERKELY SCR 57, HCR 54; DIXON Type 45, PL 40, Yield 46; REAGAN Type 42, PL 35; BOSEPHUS Yield 684, SCS 68, SCR 90, Type 73, CE 93; AUGUST SCS 85, Type 86, SCR 82, Yield 92, NM$ 87; BUSH NM$ 80, PL 69, Type 78, SCS 75; ADVISOR NM$ 62, PL 58; SEAMAN Type 68; LEVI Type 63; TEQUILA Type 66; ALLSTAR Type 61; ALSTAR NM$ 90, Yield 95, PL 84, DPR 78; PHONZE NM$ 62, Yield 75; NOVAK NM$ 62, Yield 76; CORDELL Yield 84, SCR 56; LEVI PL 56, DPR 46, Type 75. TMJersey Performance Index, JPI, Jersey Udder Index and JUI are trademarks of the American Jersey Cattle Association. TMSuperior Settler, Showcase Selections, HealthMark, gender SELECTed and Super Sampler are trademarks of Select Sires Inc. ®FeedPRO is a registered trademark of Select Sires Inc.