Select Sires' Holstein Lineup as Strong as Ever

PLAIN CITY, Ohio, December 13, 2013 - Select Sires' consistently strong lineup continues to perform at a high level. Eleven "7H" sires landed among the top 25 active and limited Total Performance IndexSM (TPISM) sires including active lineup sires 7HO10721 De-Su 521 BOOKEM-ET (VG-86-GM) (+2257 GTPI), 7HO10524 Roylane Socra ROBUST-ET (VG-88-GM) (+2248), 7HO10849 Ladys-Manor Pl SHAMROCK-ET (VG-85) (+2227) and 7HO10228 De-Su GULF-ET*BY (EX-90) (+2214) in the top 10. One quarter of the top 100 GTPI sires over 97% Rel. for Yield and Type call Select Sires home. This is a list that Select Sires has dominated for several years and a testament to the Program for Genetic Advancement™ (PGA™) identifying the most elite genetic sires to graduate.

ROBUST (+765 NM$), SHAMROCK (+711 NM$), BOOKEM (+691 NM$) and 7HO10679 Cedar-Haven-NR KID-ET (VG-87-GM) (+679 NM$) are four of the industry-leading 13 Select sires over +600 for Net Merit (NM$).

The Select Sires Red and White lineup includes three of the top five GTPI sires, including No. 1, 7HO10563 MD-Valleyvue CARSON-RED-ET (EX-93) (+1974 GTPI), 7HO10647 Ladinodale AARON-RED-ET (+1937 GTPI), and new graduate 7HO10904 Sandy-Valley COLT P-RED-TW (+1919 GTPI). COLT P-RED is the highest proven, polled sire in the industry.

Type transmitters

Select Sires is home to eight proven sires over +3.0 for Type, the most in the industry. 7HO10506 Maple-Downs-I G W ATWOOD-ET (EX-90) continues to be the only sire over +4.00 for Type at +4.66 PTAT. G W ATWOOD daughters are standouts on the tanbark, capturing championships at many shows this year. August graduate, 7HO10484 Paradise-R SABATHIA-ET (EX-92) improved to +3.92 PTAT and as a Boliver son is an outcross to many high-type pedigrees. At +3.70 PTAT, 7HO9165 Regancrest S BRAXTON-ET (EX-95) is also among the top 10 active A.I. sires for Type. G W ATWOOD also excels in Canada as the No. 1 Conformation sire (+19) and the No. 7 GLPI sire (+2913). Both at +14, 7HO8190 Gen-Mark Stmatic SANCHEZ (EX-94) and 7HO9264 Lirr Drew DEMPSEY (VG-86) are also top-10 Conformation sires.

G W ATWOOD is the second best foot and leg improver in the breed (+3.85 Feet and Leg Composite). 7HO10277 End-Road Bolton BRANCH-ET (EX-94) (+2.83 FLC) also excels in foot and leg improvement.

GULF (+3.62 UDC), G W ATWOOD (+3.47 UDC), 7HO10272 De-Su FORK-ET (EX-92) (+3.24 UDC), 7HO10606 De-Su OBSERVER-ET (EX-90-GM) (+2.98 UDC) and 7HO9420 Fustead Goldwyn GUTHRIE-ET (EX-94) (+2.94 UDC) are all among the top 15 sires in the breed for Udder Composite (UDC).

Production specialists

7HO9441 Stouder JAYVEN-ET (EX-94) has held the top spot for Milk for over two years and continues to do so at +2,860 Milk. Select Sires leads the industry with 11 sires over +2,000 Milk which includes JAYVEN, 7HO8477 Willow-Marsh-CC GABOR-ET (EX-94-GM) (+2,348M), 7HO9977 Hunsberger Bolton KINLEY (EX-91) (+2,246M), 7HO8081 Ensenada Taboo PLANET-ET (EX-90-GM) (+2,179M) and 7HO7560 Zimmerview BLITZ JINTX-ET (EX-94-GM) (+2,173M) who rank among the top 20 active A.I. sires. In Canada, 7HO10632 Webb-Vue Baxter LUCIANO-TW (VG-88) is the leading Milk production sire.

New graduate, 7HO10595 Glen-Toctin LISTEN-ET is the highest active A.I. sire for Protein yield at +75P while fellow new graduate, 7HO10729 De-Su 546 DEATON-ET (VG-88) is No. 8 at +65P. 7HO10433 C-Haven SUBRARO-ET (EX-93) (+92F) and ROBUST (+87F) are in the top 10 sires for Fat.

Fitness trait leaders

Select Sires' HealthMark™ and other lineup sires are among the best for Somatic Cell Score (SCS) and Productive Life (PL). 7HO10429 Horstyle Moscow MONTNEY (VG-87) (2.44 SCS) and 7HO10148 Gold-N-Oaks Ramos FLAX-ET (EX-91) (2.47 SCS) are the No. 1 and No. 3 active A.I. sires for SCS and are joined by 7HO9107 Ronelee SS DURABLE (EX-90-GM) (2.49 SCS) and 7HO10297 Foxberry Bax MCNUGGETS-ET (GM) (2.51 SCS) in the top 10 active A.I. sires for SCS. 7HO10582 Ensenada Jeeves PAUL-ET (VG-88) (+7.1 PL), 7HO10690 B-Hiddenhills PLAN 1023-ET (VG-88) (+7.0 PL) and SHAMROCK (+6.8 PL) are top-10 sires for producing long-living, productive cows. PAUL is a Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) leader at +3.0 DPR.

Fertility frontrunners

Select Sires is committed to providing highly fertile semen to its customer-owners and continues to be the premier source for high fertility sires with 58 sires that are positive for Sire Conception Rates (SCR). That is more than twice as many as our closest competitor. 7HO9722 Collins-Pride TS JERMIAH-ET (VG-87) (+4.5 SCR), COLT P-RED (+3.7 SCR), 7HO9918 Foxberry JS MCFLY-ET (EX-92-GM) (+3.2 SCR), 7HO9841 Siemers Shottle HULK-ET (EX-93) (+3.2 SCR), 7HO9754 Matt-Dari Sharky DAYTON-ET (EX-92) (+3.1 SCR) and 7HO9961 Mission-Bell Gold DIENER-ET (EX-90) (+3.0 SCR) exceed +3.0 for SCR. Look for the Superior Settler™ designation to identify the best in fertility.

Genomic giants

Select Sires' Super Sampler™ lineup is the source for elite genomic young sires. 7HO12008 Cookiecutter Petron HALOGEN (+2507 GTPI) and new additions, 7HO12105 S-S-I Mogul REFLECTOR (+2459 GTPI), 7HO12192 Rockymountain REBEL-ET (+2455 GTPI), 7HO12165 Bacon-Hill MONTROSS-ET (+2452 GTPI) and 7HO12021 De-Su Ltm PONDER 11345-ET (+2452 GTPI) are five of the top 15 active genomic young sires. One quarter of the top 100 genomic young sires are Select sires. 7HO11787 Bacon-Hill O MOHAWK-ET is still the top young sire for Milk (+2,701) while 7HO11118 Mr Atwood BROKAW-ET (VG-86) is the leading Type young sire (+4.57 PTAT).

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Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc., is North America's largest A.I. organization and is comprised of nine farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North America's best genetics at a reasonable price.

Source: 12/13 USDA-CDCB Genomic Evaluation, USDA/HA Genomic Evaluation 12/13. Active and Foreign A.I. Holstein Sires and Active Genomic Holstein Young Sire Lists. 12/13 %Rel: ROBUST NM$ 90, Yield 97; SHAMROCK NM$ 87, PL 80; BOOKEM NM$ 91; KID NM$ 87; G W ATWOOD Type 99; SABATHIA Type 92; BRAXTON Type 98; BRANCH Type 87; GULF Type 93; FORK Type 93; OBSERVER Type 98; GUTHRIE Type 91; JAYVEN Yield 93; GABOR Yield 99, KINLEY Yield 93; PLANET Yield 99; BLITZ JINX Yield 98; LISTEN Yield 92; DEATON Yield 92; SUBRARO Yield 94; MONTNEY SCS 88; FLAX SCS 93; DURABLE SCS 96; MCNUGGETS SCS 92; PAUL PL 81, DPR 78; PLAN PL 80; JEREMIAH SCR 88; COLT P-RED SCR 98; MCFLY SCR 96; HULK SCR 94; DAYTON SCR 99; DIENER SCR 97; MOHAWK Yield 76; BROKAW Type 77. SMTotal Performance Index and TPI are service marks of Holstein Association USA. ™HealthMark, Super Sampler and Superior Settler are trademarks of Select Sires Inc.