PLANET Sons Headline 14 New Holstein Graduates From Select Sires

PLAIN CITY, Ohio, December 4, 2013 - Sons of 7HO8081 Ensenada Taboo PLANET-ET (EX-90-GM) dominate this class of elite Holstein graduates including the top four GTPISM proven industry newcomers, making Select Sires your source for elite PLANET sons. Additionally, this class includes outliers for health traits, components and popular former Super Sampler™ and top proven polled sire, 7HO10904 Sandy-Valley COLT P-RED-TW. All but one of the graduates receive the FeedPRO® logo while nine are Calving Ease sires and eight earn the HealthMark™ designation.

Well-known Super Samplers deliver proven results

At +2227 GTPI, +2.79 Type and +711 Net Merit (NM$), 7HO10849 Ladys-Manor Pl SHAMROCK-ET (VG-85) is the highest Select Sires graduate in those categories. His daughters are moderate in stature with exceptional udder attachments that produce a high volume of milk (+1,649). As a Calving Ease sire with a high Sire Conception Rate (SCR) (+2.1) and Productive Life (PL) (+6.8) it is hard to not find a place for him in your breeding program. SHAMROCK is available in gender SELECTed™ semen.

A PLANET from an Excellent (90) Shottle, 7HO10679 Cedar-Haven-NR KID-ET (VG-87) lands at +2170 GTPI. KID transmits excellent health traits (2.61 Somatic Cell Score, +6.2 PL) and protein (+53). Select Sires' top new graduate for Cheese Merit (CM$) (+$729) is also a Calving Ease sire. His daughters have high, wide rear udders and deep udder clefts.

7HO10690 B-Hiddenhills PLAN 1023-ET (VG-88) joins the lineup as an extreme HealthMark sire (+7.0 PL, +1.7 Daughter Pregnancy Rate, 2.82 SCS). This Calving Ease sire and Superior Settler™ moderates size, improves protein (+45P, +.04%P) and transmits shallow udders with strong fore and rear udder attachments. His +2158 GTPI ranks him among the best in the breed.

A top five NM$ (+675) sire at Select Sires, 7HO10700 Vatland MAUSER-ET (EX-91) is also among the top five Select sires for CM$ at +717. This Calving Ease sire passes on incredible components (+78F, +51P) and durability (+5.1 PL). Because of these traits MAUSER earns the HealthMark and FeedPRO designations.

One of PLANET's best sons for Type (+2.71), Udder Composite (UDC) (+2.81) and Feet and Leg Composite (FLC) (+2.14) is 7HO10723 De-Su 527 SPUR-ET (EX-90). SPUR is a half-brother to lineup sire, 7HO10272 De-Su FORK-ET (EX-92). SPUR daughters are tall, strong, deep, wide cows with steep foot angles and exceptional udders. He transmits productivity (+1,857 Milk), longevity (+4.7 PL) and overall total performance (+2139 GTPI). With an SCR of +2.3 he can be used to boost conception rates. SPUR is a Calving Ease and DIAMOND SELECTion™ sire available in gender SELECTed semen.

Protein, Production and Productive Life standouts round out PLANET sons

7HO10595 Glen-Toctin LISTEN-ET is from the same family as current Super Sampler, 7HO11331 S-S-I Domain LITHIUM-ET and one of the industry's best for protein at +75 pounds. Additionally this FeedPRO sire transmits +.06%P and extreme production (+1,925). LISTEN daughters have open frames with width throughout and high, wide rear udders.

7HO10729 De-Su 546 DEATON-ET (VG-88) is another protein specialist (+65P, +.02%P). This Calving Ease sire ranks high for GTPI (+2073) and for NM$ (+593). DEATON sires cows that milk well (+1,942) with immense dairyness and impressive rear udders.

7HO10645 Garjo Planet GERRY-ET ranks No. 4 at Select Sires for protein yield (+59) and is among the best for fat (+65). Daughters of this Calving Ease sire are open, wide cows with well-attached rear udders. Their efficient medium body size and elite production (+1,931) earn him the FeedPRO logo.

The top new graduate for milk is 7HO10585 Appealing Planet HELIX-ET at +2,003. Like his paternal brothers, he passes down large protein yields (+56), longevity (+5.0 PL) and rear udder height and width. With a GTPI of +2061 and NM$ of +581, this FeedPRO sire is ideal for herd's looking for a total performer.

7HO10575 Coyne-Farms Planet DOLCE-ET (VG-87) is the son of an Excellent (91) 9HO2575 Peckenstein Form BRET-ET (EX-94) daughter of Coyne-Farms Rudolph Daffy (EX-90-EX-MS-GMD-DOM). His outstanding SCS (2.77), PL (+5.7) and DPR (+0.8) make him a HealthMark designee. DOLCE is one of the highest proven PLANET sons for Type (+2.28) and UDC (+2.22). His daughters have shallow udders with solid attachments.

Outliers and outcross sires

From PLANET's family, 7HO10582 Ensenada Jeeves PAUL-ET (VG-88) is Select's new No. 1 sire for PL (+7.1) and DPR (+3.0). PAUL also ranks well for GTPI (+2090), NM$ (+620) and CM$ (+698). His daughters produce high quality milk (2.60 SCS) from tightly attached udders.

7HO10640 Dewgood O-BENNET-ET (EX-91) is a Boliver son from a Very Good (87) 7HO6417 O-Bee MANfred Justice-ET (EX-94-GM) out of a Very Good (89) Eddie. This Calving Ease and HealthMark sire specializes in component yields (+74F, +49P) and fitness traits (2.90 SCS, +2.8 PL, +0.2 DPR).

A rare Roumare son, 7HO10702 Nova-TMJ EXCEL (VG-87) hails from the UFM-DUBS Eroy (VG-87-GMD-DOM) cow family. A components transmitter (+.11%F, +.05%P) he is also a Calving Ease sire. A carrier of the FeedPRO and HealthMark logos, his daughters are healthy, long-lived (+3.0 PL) cows that are medium in stature.

Polled, Red and available

COLT P-RED has graduated into the active lineup with impressive early results and a GTPI of +1919 which puts him at the top of proven, polled sires. His 2.80 SCS, +4.2 PL and +1.2 DPR make him a HealthMark sire while he earns the Superior Settler logo because of his elite +3.7 SCR. His daughters have exceptional udders reflected in his +2.09 UDC. His ability to sire show winners and sale toppers make COLT P-RED a solid choice for your herd.

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Source: 12/13 USDA-CDCB Genomic Evaluation, USDA/HA Genomic Evaluation 12/13 %Rel: SHAMROCK Type 86, NM$ 87, Yield 94, SCR 99, PL 80; KID SCS 88, PL 81, Yield 94; PLAN PL 80, DPR 75, SCS 86, Yield 93; MAUSER NM$ 87, Yield 94, PL 80; SPUR Yield 91, PL 80, SCR 98; LISTEN Yield 92; DEATON Yield 92, NM$ 85; GERRY Yield 92; HELIX Yield 92, PL 80, NM$ 86; DOLCE SCS 90, PL 81, DPR 79, Type 93; PAUL PL 81, DPR 78, NM$ 89, SCS 91; O-BENNET Yield 92, SCS 86, PL 80, DPR 76; EXCEL Yield 90, PL 78; COLT P-RED SCS 79, PL 78, DPR 69, SCR 98, Type 82. ™DIAMOND SELECTion, HealthMark, gender SELECTed and Super Sampler are trademarks of Select Sires Inc. ®FeedPRO is a registered trademark of Select Sires Inc. SMTotal Performance Index and TPI are service marks of Holstein Association USA.