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gender SELECTed Sires

Keys to Success

Use of gender SELECTed semen will require a breeding gun designed to accommodate the smaller diameter 1/4-cc straws. Straws are to be thawed and handled identically to their 1/2-cc counterparts. However, the smaller diameter and compromised semen quality will make them much more sensitive to cold shock and errors in semen handling. To maximize potential for success:

  • Thaw straws in 95°F water bath for 45 seconds.

  • Semen thawing and handling environments should be warm and draft-free.

  • Warm all semen handling equipment, including guns, sheaths and paper towels prior to contacting straws.

  • Only highly-experienced technicians should use this product.

  • Use only in well-managed, virgin heifers that have achieved greater than 60 percent of their mature weight by 14 months and are in moderated or better body condition.

  • Inseminate heifers eight to 12 hours after observed estrus (using the AM/PM Rule). Once-a-day A.I. programs are not conducive to optimum results.

  • Use of estrus synchronization and breeding to observed estrus is encouraged, but use of timed-A.I. in the absence of observed estrus is discouraged.

Artificial insemination straws of gender SELECTed semen are for single use artificial insemination of heifers only.