Elite Sexed Fertility

Elite Sexed Fertility

Select Sires continues to innovate the use of data to benefit customer-owners as the first A.I. organization to identify our highest performing sires for sex-sorted semen in both 2M and 4M products. The addition of the Elite Sexed Fertility designation provides a useful new tool to help you maximize success with gender SELECTed SexedULTRA semen.

What we have learned

Select Sires has collaborated extensively in research, leading to improvements in fertility potential of sex-sorted semen. However, research trials and field fertility data clearly and repeatedly confirm that some sires achieve much greater conception rates than others, irrespective of sperm dosage.

Composite Fertility Index

Select Sires constantly monitors the success of both conventional and sex-sorted semen through a Composite Fertility Index (CFI) that combines information from several large-scale sire fertility analysis systems. Elite Sexed Fertility sires have been identified through their above average conception performance with sex-sorted semen.

Ensuring the best return on investment

This new designation comes to Select Sires as result of extensive data analysis and the cooperative is excited to offer customer-owners another tool to enhance genetic and reproductive success. In its true cooperative form, Select Sires believes in developing and offering product lines that ensure the best return on investment for dairy producers.

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Limitations and Conditions of Sale: gender SELECTed semen shall be used only for the single insemination of one female bovine during single ovulation with the intent to produce a single offspring unless specifically approved on an individual customer basis by Sexing Technologies (ST) in writing. ST agrees, however, that Select Sires’ customers may use 4,000,000 concentration straws for superovulation or IVF so long as the service provider or the end-user is authorized for such use under an independent license (other than this agreement) by XY. AS A CONDITION OF PURCHASING gender SELECTed SEMEN, THE PURCHASER AGREES THAT gender SELECTed SEMEN WILL NOT BE REVERSE SORTED OR RESORTED UNLESS SPECIFICALLY PERMITTED, IN ADVANCE, ON A CASE-BY-CASE BASIS BY SELECT SIRES INC. IN WRITING. All other uses of gender SELECTed semen from Select Sires Inc. and its affiliates are strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of Select Sires Inc. including (without limitation) genotyping, sequencing, cloning, genetic analysis, genetic manipulation or for research. Select Sires intends to monitor the use of gender SELECTed semen and vigorously enforce these restrictions on use.